mtg_wallMTG is an electronic pop band formed around the concepts of love and war mixing heavy beats and sexy guitars that make humans and robots finally dance together. The creators of MTG bring their fearless melodies from the studio to the stage with an intoxicating live show that will leave you waving your white flag high into the dark night. Made in Los Angeles, meant for the world.








“Hero” is a pulsating electro-pop tune for today’s generation constantly yearning for a solid beat, a sparkling synth riff and a go-to chorus. Lead vocalist Greg Cahn sings out “holding on / holding on to what we’ve got / but it’s never enough,” a phrase that won’t take long to find its way to those who like to shout it out on the dance floor.
Buzzbands.LA [Blog]


The upbeat dance-techno, rock vibes makes you fall for the song, the band, and each and every one of its members. Catchy lyrics will leave you singing it for days and will stay under your skin as the beat and layered undertones of the music make you feel a new emotion with every hit of the drum. Mind The Gap’s crushing, fancy, heart pounding music will have you falling for them and their new album, “Youth”.
The Deli Magazine


“There are a bunch of songs on this self released album that I would consider “HITS” in the mainstream sense of the word. I’d be surprised if these guys don’t get all top 40 on us and forget about the little music blogs when they play sold out arenas.”
The New LoFi [Blog]