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MTG plays for Charity: Water

The incredibly selfless people at music blog The Burning Ear who wrote two glorious reviews on our songs Once You Leave & Find My Way :) have teamed up with the non-profit gangsters Charity: Water for a killer evening of music at Central S.A.P.C. in Santa Monica.  And we are on the bill to help support this beautiful cause. There is nothing better in this world than clean water. And there should never be a shortage of it ! Cheers to helping the thirsty !!


BCP / MTG back on the summer silver screen !! T E D !!!

Ru and Ozzy get another song in a Summer Blockbuster movie.  Last year it was Fast Five. This year it’s the hilarious comedy, TED. The song “Soldier” is produced by Ru and Ozzy of the Bird Call Productions  [and of course, Mind the Gap] featuring UK rapper Maxwell D. The song plays during a wild party scene with the outrageous Flash Gordon character. Go to movies, laugh your a$$ off, and dance in your seat to another BCP film placement.  BCP / MTG taking over one buttery bag of popcorn at a time !!


MTV Loves MTG !! [and vice versa...]



MTV has been showing mad love to us over the last few months, and our latest feature on MTV’s Pauly D Project confirms that MTV loves MTG [and vice versa...]. They even included Meant to Be as a free download here: MTV Loves LTG !! ohh, and MTV’s Friendzone continues to plug us with our songs Once You Leave and Escape in tonight’s episode. And Smile Back at You played in last week’s episode. And These Are the Days played in Pauly D in episode 9. Alright, all this love is making us dizzy. And we’re fine with that. Time to fall over and laugh for a second!


Hotel Cafe Residency // Saturdays in June !!

Summer 2012 has begun!! Start the summer off right and dance your a$$ off every Saturday night in June at our Hotel Cafe Residency.  Wear your favorite pair of underwear cuz you ain’t goin home alone.  We’ll make sure of it!!! “Get down, get down!”


Yo! Venice keeping it funky with MTG

There is no place in the world like Venice, California.  That is why we live, breathe, drink, sleep, ride, laugh, and eat in Venice.  It’s the edge of life. The fine line between living life or having life live you. The awesome gangsters at Venice Acoustics and Yo! Venice teamed up with us at the center of the universe, the Venice Boardwalk to tape a raw acoustic live take of our song Never Too Late. The song embodies everything about Venice, CA. Check it out here: Yo! Venice features Mind the Gap


When in India…..

While traveling to Sri Lanka and India in December, we met the amazing team at BalconyTV/Delhi and played a few songs on an epic balcony as the sun was setting on the great city of New Delhi. Aside from the daily masala chai, riding motorcycles on the beaches of Goa, getting lost in Mumbai’s Crawford Market, or kissing the Taj Mahal, this was one of our favorite moments of 2011. We love India. check this out: BalconyTV – Mind the Gap


Thank You Hotel Cafe for giving us SXSW 2012!!

We would passionately like to thank the gangsters at The Hotel Cafe for giving us an officially unforgettable trip to Austin, Texas SXSW 2012.  We were virgins and true to the saying, “you never forget your first time.” ATN Showcase also gave us a stage to jump on, so thank you too. Austin was total chaos.  We now understand the mad obsession with South by Southwest.  The city party is Linsanity.  ooh, two of us brought the gear from LA in a car. Peep out our footage from LA —> Austin: Mind the Gap – SXSW 2012


Our song “Remember When” featured on Jersey Shore!

In life, you celebrate small victories just as much as big victories. We’re not quite sure what kind of victory this is yet as Season 5 / Episode 7 of Jersey Shore doesn’t officially air for another week internationally, but when there is a victory to celebrate, you go ahead and f*ck*n party!! So, that’s what we did Thursday evening. With friends, pasta, tequilla, and loads of hair gel and perfume. Download our song “Remember When” on MTV this week here: Jersey Shore / MTG


MTG accepted to SXSW 2012!!!!

We are going to Austin, Texas!!! Sharpen the spurs, tie the boots, grab the hanky, and chug that whiskey.  Mind the Gap has officially been accepted to South by Southwest 2012.  Stay tuned for more details on showcases, etc. Click here for more: SXSW


MTG February Residency @ Central S.A.P.C.

Invite your boss to party with you every Tuesday night in February.  That way, both of you will be late to work on Wednesday.  Or just roll without the boss, and party even harder! Jam in the Van is presenting our residency with some very awesome guests. oh yeah, and it’s FREE!!! Maybe that’ll help your cheap boss make an easy decision.  #yahtzee #being human in 2012!!!


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